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NX Design Solutions

NX Design Solutions
NX Design Solutions
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The NX suite of solutions enables you to transform your entire product development process as well as streamline the efficiency of the individual steps that comprise this process. NX provides best-in-class functionality for CAD, CAM, CAE and PDM for all of your product development initiatives.

Create distinctive designs where style, aesthetic appearance, or quality of form is a key market differentiator
Consider styling, functionality, manufacturability and affordability throughout an iterative design process
Rapidly evaluate design concepts through photorealistic images and virtual prototypes
Eliminate disconnect between your design/styling teams and the rest of your product development organization
Design what you want and how you want it without the constraints of standalone design tool.

Reverse engineering.NX highly flexible approach to reverse engineering speeds development of the initial design concept.
NX tools can generate a CAD model from scanned physical objects by mapping surfaces and curves to the polygon mesh.
Designers can use NX analysis and rendering tools to rapidly evaluate the imported scan data. Full design completion.NX has all of the tools and integration required to facilitate full design completion. NX enables you to take the concept model directly into product engineering, including into detailed design, simulation, tooling and machining.

The following advanced NX design, simulation and manufacturing capabilities drive these solutions.
Mold design,including NX molded part validation, core/cavity optimization and mold base design capabilities
Progressive die design,including NX part preparation, process design and die structure design capabilities
Stamping design,including NX formability analysis, die planning, die face design, detailed die structure design and
die validation capabilities

Fixture design,including NX fully associative component design, assembly positioning and mating, kinematic simulation, performance validation and component knowledge library capabilities
CAM integration,including capabilities for integrating NX CAM into your tool design solution to automate your downstream manufacturing definition
Electrode design,including best practices and automated processes you can use to model and design electrodes for any tool project that requires electrode discharge machining (EDM)
Engineering process management,including Teamcenter capabilities you can use to bring all of your product, part, tool, design, manufacturing and CAD data into a single source of knowledge, as well as to establish concurrent design processes for a comprehensive part manufacturing environment.